Monday, November 20, 2006

Now this is cool...

Just bloody do it!


mawm said...

Double the height and turn off the lights for 350 days a year. Go to Quay street and immagine a twelve story building stretching along 250 meters, blocking off the waterfront. Look at the lovely wrought iron gates and fences and imagine them closed to all - but ticket holders. Think of the increased rates all the Aucklnder will be paying for the next decade - just so that 1500 poms will be able to watch the RWC final - which is becoming as much a joke as the olympics where each "luck city" has to try to out do the ones that preceeded.

Now show some vision and think how wonderful that area could be with a suitable, properly planned and designed facility that would do more for the average Joe Soap, who is going to have to pay for it anyway. A well planned Convention Centre? A park with restaurants and coffee shops? A open air art gallery? Some trees, a few plants, some benches, a place to take the family to relax, watch the yachts and ships, kick a ball, blue sky, green grass - FOR ALL!

Insolent Prick said...


At present, the port is the only view Aucklanders have of the area. It's a bloody eyesore.

As much as you'd like to be singing hippy John Lennon songs in an imagined open space, there is no way that anything other than a waterfront stadium will wrestle the land off the Port. The options for the area aren't a stadium or nice little walkways you can take your miniature poodle through. Auckland City has had twenty years to come up with a plan for the waterfront; even that pinko commie Russell Whatshisname recognises that at best Auckland City has a plan for a plan.

There options are the existing port, or a stadium for the area.

Anonymous said...

I think it looks absolutely ridiculous!

Reality check time - If it were not for the commercial port, Auckland City would not be here. Please show Ports of Auckland some respect.

Auckland's civic leaders are obsessed with the Waterfront. It is not the answer to every question!

I think Trevor Mallard is a poodle for interests that are playing the power game in the background.

Back to Mt Smart or even Eden Park.

Anonymous said...

You people don't have any vision and IP is right. If we want a piece of the port, nows our chance.
And it looks SWEET AS.

DenMT said...

MAWM - the WAM proposal for the waterfront stadium includes a whole swag of public-accessible open space and mixed-use activities at street level.

The reality is that if (hopefully when) the waterfront option goes ahead, that currently underused area of *cough* 'lovely wrought iron gates and fences' *cough* is going to afford a lot more pleasure and access to a lot more people than the container yard there now.

If you want to have a cry about the blocking of viewshafts, then be my guest, but there are plenty of alternative, very fine vantage points to get a view of the harbour, and I imagine that one of the finest will probably be from a new garden bar in the stadium complex admiring the evening sunset with a cold one.


Spirit Of 76 said...

The way the whole thing has been handled can only be described as a clusterfuck quite frankly. It's been left too late.

The world cup final will be held in one of two places. Eden Park or Telstra Stadium.