Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Comment Moderation

Currently I have comments moderation set to "off". Frankly, unlike my nemesis, I can't be stuffed monitoring comments, and don't care what they say anyway.

I do make this point, tho: if you are going to make frequent comments, choose a name for yourself. You don't have to log into blogger, or have a blogger account, but it's bloody confusing for several people posting under the name "Anonymous". I don't mind occasional anonymous comments, but if you're going to frequently post here, distinguish yourself from the other anonymous posters.


Cactus Kate said...

You really are too busy moderating my comments, or I am too busy moderating yours to moderate yours or for you to moderate mine.

chris said...


Heine said...

It is interesting that most people replying here are anonymous because they know they will get shit kicked for their stupidity.

I look forward for these people to identify themselves so we can all laugh.... but am not holding my breath.

Spirit Of 76 said...

Many of the anonymous postings here are being done by a select few vermin scuttling over from Kiwiblog, methinks.

rob hosking said...

Cactus Kate said...
"You really are too busy moderating my comments, or I am too busy moderating yours to moderate yours or for you to moderate mine."

Of course, you both are natural moderates in all things, so this is hardly surprising.

Insolent Prick said...

Hosking: Fuck you and your bloody sarcasm!

archeropterix said...

IP says
and don't care what they say anyway

IP then says
Fuck you and your bloody sarcasm!

Erm, you obviously do care what people say...

Insolent Prick said...


You've confused the expression "Fuck you" with a sense of rage, anger, or frustration. It is not any of these. It is a very benign invitation.

archeropterix said...

Hahaha IP! I just choked on my coffee. So the following is accurate then?:


"Fuck off!" - I kindly invite you to leave now

"Fuck you!" - I kindly invite you to spend some intimate time with me

"Get fucked!" - I kindly invite you to spend some intimate time with me or someone else

Insolent Prick said...

Well, in that case, no, I have no intention of spending "intimate time" with Rob Hosking. "Intimate time" sounds a bit like Borat's "sexy time".

Hosking is not a chick. He is not a hot chick. His IQ is conservatively at least thirty points higher--journalists generally being of average intelligence--than my preferred targets. And he's in his forties. My range is 18-22.

The only thing Hosking's got going for him in this world is his love of boozing and karaoke.

Anonymous said...

"journalists generally being of average intelligence"

IP - I believe that you have a relative that is a journalist, you should have a little more respect, you never know who is watching!

Insolent Prick said...


I did qualify that statement by saying "generally". If I do have a relative who is a journalist, the fact that s/he shares some of my genetic material would almost guarantee that s/he is exceptionally brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Nice Save - LMAO

Steve said...

No wonder Du Fresne had such a bitch about bloggers - what an incestuous crock of shite.

And you've all got your sites linked to each other - how sweet. A bit like myspace for 30 somethings.

Insolent Prick said...


I don't know why you're so cranky today. Perhaps it's because it's Christmas time, and you're an Atheist, and you're upset that you're going to fry in Hell.

Alternatively, it could be that despite the fact that you blog three times more often than I do, I still have more traffic in a day than you get in a week. This might be related to such inane, incomprehensible and pompous statements such as: "The idiotic jouissance over Hager’s book is contra-posed against libertarian capitalistic ideals manifest in our so-called free “society of consumption”."

What the fuck?

The third option is that you're simply menstruating. Come back when you've finished having a bleeder.

Anonymous said...

Wishing everyone Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.

The good news is that for summer reading, you can get a copy of "The Hollow Men" from your bookstore now, and see for yourself why the extreme right wing bloggers have been in (generally silent) mourning for the last month and more!

The Key honeymoon will continue for a while. Fireworks to come.


Spirit Of 76 said...

I just read Steve McKinlays profile. Occupation - Philosopher

Pretentious or what ?

Anonymous said...

In today's NZ Herald Editorial the following is said regarding Don Brash.

"The country perhaps rests a little easier with him gone. His denial of Maori aspirations and his questioning this year of their blood quantum did not bode well for social harmony. His economic radicalism, well documented in the Hager book, would have been unwelcome and was probably past its time."

The question is whether IP and other advocates of the Extreme Right are resting any easier!

Especially with the NZ Herald, of all allies, now seeing the light.

Spirit Of 76 said...
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