Friday, November 24, 2006

Nicky Hager is right! Give that boy a gong!

Nicky Hager's publication of Don Brash's private emails is evidence of very shocking actions, indeed.

Don Brash's email collection includes what Scoop has termed the "smoking gun". The email clearly shows that a couple of Exclusive Brethren members were at a breakfast function attended by 300 other people, at which Don Brash and John Key were present. That should be a shock to us all. It clearly undermines democracy to think that the Exclusive Brethren can eat breakfast with non-members of their church.

The email also clearly demonstrates that the Exclusive Brethren sent an email. I am mortified that they use this technology.

The email further shows that some members of the church don't like the Labour Party, and that they wanted to help to get rid of it. I think we should pass laws making it illegal to work against the Labour Government.

The email shows that the Brethren planned a pro-Brash campaign. It is utterly disgraceful that the Brethren subsequently changed tack, and actually created an anti-Green campaign instead.

Clearly the socialists, including Labour Cabinet Ministers and Labour officials had no involvement in union-organised anti-National campaigns that swallowed up vast amounts of union funding during the election. We know that there was no discussion between Government and Unions with regards to the unions' active campaign, because that oh-so-balanced chappie, Nicky Hager, hasn't published a book about union-Labour Party collusion


stoichiometric said...

NewstalkZB reports
"The book also lifts the lid on Mr Hager's claims about National's secret donors who were some of New Zealand's richest people such as Alan Gibbs, Craig Heatley, David Richwhite, Doug Meyers, Michael Friedlander, Peter Shirtcliffe, Rod Deane and the woman linked to Dr Brash, Diane Foreman."

Fuck Me. Rich people gave money to National. A blinding glimpse of the obvious. Can't wait to see if any poor people donated as well.

archeropterix said...

IP, is this the best you can do? You poor little Nat drones - don't get RSI from all the hand-waving denials over this.

Spirit Of 76 said...
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Spirit Of 76 said...

I hope that's not you trolling again Sonic/PJ !?

archeropterix said...

are you talking to me? If so, no...

Insolent Prick said...

Further revelations in a new book to be published about the Labour Party show that a disproportionate number of civil servants, unionists, academics, and people appointed to Government boards also vote Labour.

We are fortunate in this country to have somebody like Nicky Hager to expose these amazing truths about our political system.

archeropterix said...

Academic: Belonging to an academy or other higher institution of learning

What would they know?

Spirit Of 76 said...

What a fizzer that book was. Don is OK, nice try troll, now fuck off !.

Anonymous said...

Many more responsible corporates donate equally to the major parties and at this time, they should be applauded. Equipping both government and opposition in elections means we get fair coverage of the issues, and the winner has to get there through merit, not sheer promotional power.

The listed rich individuals have failed as corporate citizens - backing as they did only a party so manifestly unsuited to governing.

IP .. I support you for your fair-minded opening paragraph for this thread.

Clearly, this is a week of shame for the National Party, and it is no joy for anyone to see Don Brash leave in such disgrace.

How this individual, who has displayed such repeated ethical and moral lapses, managed the Reserve Bank for so long - that is a mystery. There are very recent examples of this.

(a) We were told by Brash earlier in the week that the injunction on Friday had nothing to do with the Hager book launch this week!

(b) We were then told that this damning book had nothing to do with Brash's resignation!

As I believe you are hinting, the National Party owe a huge apology to the Green Party for co-operating with the Exclusive Brethrens - the Greens ended up the unfortunate victims of the National Party's conspiracy to keep within electoral law.

I saw old footage of Rod Donald complaining about examples of the pamphlets he had, on TV last night. How fitting. How uncomfortable I felt. If only he had lived to see the day. What about the email from Napier electorate - asking the hierarchy not to get the Greens hammered too hard, as they needed to keep the Green vote up there to win the seat? Such cruelty and cynicism directed towards one of our most ethical parties of all!

Regarding the Unions - let us not be thick about this. Unions have been affiliated to the Labour Party since it was formed decades ago.
National Party has never attempted to do anything but bash unions - what do they expect? The unions have nothing like the resources of the likes of Fay Richwhite etc.

Does the book mention Michelle Boag anywhere? Is she accountable in any way? I would argue that her rejuvenation programme has been instrumental in getting to where we are today. Not surprising, for reasons we need not go into - but if I were to say the word "Winebox" ...

Don Brash has exited as the Richard Nixon of the National Party. It was power at any price - the end justified by whatever means. For the party it will be a long hard climb back into public trust and esteem.

One of the saddest things of all is that Don Brash and National have facilitated greater disillusionment with organised religions, and it is high time that leaders of mainstream religions highlighted the dangers of Christianity of the extreme right wing.

The National Party itself is looking cheap and nasty. At least all the pieces fit. How it was that National was able to nearly snatch power with only one policy worth the paper it was written on. That policy consisted of just two words - Tax Cuts.

Jimmy Jangles said...

I like beer.

Murray said...

I'm with you jimmy.

Too many words, not enough beer.

If you can't make your point in less than two paragraphs you're wasting drinking time.

Anonymous said...

Brash is not surviving the credibility test very well..

Nicky Hager has plenty more ammunition ready .. as we can see in today's local paper. Perhaps Winston has some in the bottom drawer too.

Brash would be wise to confirm or deny nothing. Prune the kiwis Don.

NZ First Babe