Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hager: The Right Killed Rod Donald

I haven’t blogged at all on Rod Donald’s death. I have said to some that I detested everything that he stood for, and to suddenly claim some sudden grief at his passing would be hypocritical and self-centred.

I have said before that the most dangerous movement in New Zealand right now is the Green Party, and their duplicitous, envious approach to prosperity and wealth-creation in this country. They are not an environmental movement: they are a socialist brand that tries to hide its real agenda behind the caring, sharing, friendly face of conservation and protection of resources. To that end, I had no respect for what Rod Donald stood for.

Green Party members are the absolute dregs of society: anarchists, Marxists, and greedy little pinkos who want the State to capture yet more of the prosperity that individuals create. They will not be content until they have turned New Zealand back to a nirvanic ice age. When Rod Donald died, they were quite happy to manipulate the occasion so that everybody would feel a little happier about a key member of the Green movement.

But now some of them have come back out of their cages, and unhappy with the amount of glory they received, want just a little more, by politicising Donald’s death even further.

In this morning’s Herald, Nicky Hager is reported as criticizing the hypocrisy of Donald’s lifetime enemies, who praised Donald’s achievements in death. Here I don’t expect to have it both ways—people are free to mourn whomever one chooses, but I didn’t feel comfortable mourning him. I didn’t know Donald well, and didn’t have much to do with him personally. Nor did I want to. Yet Hager would have been the first to cry foul if Helen Clark, Don Brash, or Winston Peters had remained silent on Donald’s death.

But here is the clincher. At the memorial service for Donald in Wellington yesterday, Hager lands another new conspiracy: that the Right were responsible for Donald’s death. At the service, Hager said:

“He said Mr Donald had to endure taunts of "nutty" and "loony" designed to marginalise him and what he stood for. "I'm sure those years of personal attacks and put-downs were a constant strain that took their toll."
Wrong, Nicky. Rod Donald was a nut. People who told him so were just stating facts. You too are a loon. If you’re going to jump into the political arena and throw smear at others because of their ideas—as Rod Donald did, and you have always done, then you can expect people to bite back.

The reality is that the Green movement in New Zealand has not received anything like the exposure it deserves. The soft image of the Green Party—led by Jeanette and Rod—masked the fringe lunacy of ending all further electricity generation, doubling petrol taxes, having Nandor promoting cannabis use outside secondary schools, releasing violent offenders from prisons, make roading construction prohibitive, slashing defence expenditure, and the minimization of private property rights. In short, the very claims that the Exclusive Brethren made during the election campaign, which, despite the Greens’ ire and rage, were largely accurate. Yet did the media focus on the actual claims the EB’s made? No. They focused on the messenger.

That was a classic Rod Donald tactic. To shift attention away from the shoddiness and undesirability of its own policy platforms, and instead create a culture of envy against those who work to create economic prosperity. They are inherently manipulators of truth. They fight the game hard. And for all the contempt I had for Rod Donald, he was pretty good at withstanding the attacks that he got. But he didn’t get attacked nearly as often as he deserved.

But it’s a nice try, Nicky. You should write a book about it. There’s definitely a conspiracy story in there somewhere.

It is, of course, part of an attempt to lionise Rod Donald: he is no longer able to actively strategise for them, but those who are left behind can use his memory to manipulate and carry on the sordid Green agenda. It is a disgraceful claim from Hager, but somehow one that Donald probably would have approved, if only because he, more than anybody else of the Left, lived by the principle that the end justifies the means.


Cathy Odgers said...

You complete BASTARD!!

I read Hager's comments and was just ready to blog. Squizzed your sight and hello the fucking old boy has got there first for once.


Insolent Prick said...

I was even going to put at the end of it: "Eat post-birthday shit, Cathy! I got there first!"

pink panda said...

too long to fucking read. and boring.

homophobic prick.

Insolent Prick said...

Thank you for your comprehensive review, Panda.

I am not homophobic. By definition, a homophobe is somebody who is afraid of homos. I'm not afraid of them. I just don't like them.

pink panda said...

were you raped by one? you should bling out your blog with anti-gay html then.

and stop blogging about boring crap. this is the first time i've visited this blog, and because i heard it was written by cathy i thought it'd be funny. go on, tell us about who you've been fucking....

liberty through profit said...

Nicky Hager is such a tool. Is he really saying the left are so weak, that opposing opinions are enough to cause someone's heart to fail?
If that worked, Hulun would be dead long ago.

As for being a hypocrit: I am yet to see the media publish any dissenting opnions of Commie Rod. When I found out, I said, excellent there goes the brains of the watermelon party, lets hope the rest now rots on the vine.
That would be an action that I would appreciative of Donald for

Insolent Prick said...


I suggest you pay some attention to the first line of my blog: these are not so random thoughts of somebody who doesn't care what you think.

Yes, I have written about conquests here. Google "Miss Coromandel". There's a start.

And I've got much better things to do with my time than start a war against homos. While I don't like them, I don't have a problem with them. THe more of them, the more hot chicks there are for me to shag.

pink panda said...

or not shag as it were. you claim to be hot, yet where are the photos? dont flatter yourself, i wouldnt actually read this crap.

kisekiman said...

Jesus, I wonder what brought that on. You know what hey say about catholic girls...lights out at ten, candles out at ten past.

Andy Soprano said...

The Soprano family tradition is to respect our enemies in death. When they're alive & kicking, however, they get what they deserve.

I hope Little Nicky makes a successful run at the co-leadership: He would make excellent target practice while self-destructing the Green movement.

Forgiveness is for God, Mr Hager.

Xavier said...

Hypocritical and self-centred? You? Surely not!

libertyscott said...

Oh Hager has long been a vile little rat who the leftie media has felched for his "information" for ages. Well done prick!

Anonymous said...

First time to your blog. I think I'll take your advice and get fucked before ever clicking that link again. I'll spend the rest of the day trying to get this taste out of my mouth. Please, for the good of the world, stop blogging.

Anonymous said...

Feel free to fuck off back to your myopic little socialist worldview anon.

Don't let the door hit your arse on the way out


Anonymous said...

Jeeezzzz panda-lady, if you don't like his shit then piss off, it's kind of sad that you keep coming back to check the comments despite the fact you think he is "crap" and "boring"

get a friggin life

also Mr Prick: 2 right

Hoss said...

Agree with your comments regarding the hypocritical stance of opposing an enemy, and then grieving the enemies demise. Rod Donald was an enemy of the state - and while I felt for his family that they had lost a Dad and a partner, I honestly don't believe that Rod was a loss to the nation.

Andy Soprano said...


Hager misses the point.

Of course it is contradictory to regret the loss of an opponent - but that is what real competitors do after a game is played.

In this regard, the political arena is no different to the world of sport, or business.

Consider the tributes from DB & Lion executives this week for Michael Erceg. They've spent years trying to eliminate him & will no doubt take advantage of Independent Liquor's position in his absence.

Such is the communal hypocrisy of life...& only a foaming fringe-dweller like Hager would seek to blacken the sincerity of others who choose to express their personal respects in death.

Anonymous said...

Mwahh, haha!!

Thanks for such entertainment! I haven't seen anything so truely pathetic since I last watched The Office. You sir, are David Brent personified - sadder, adimittedly, nastier, less charismatic... yeah right you sure you 'don't care what other people think'. So, so sad... but funny. I'll be back for a laugh later. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, sorry, I've changed my mind. You are definitly more of a Gareth than a David.

'two passions in life: making money and shagging hot chicks'.


Love it.

Sean said...

I'm not suprised Hagar is unable to get his head around common decency - being deviod of it (and much else besides) himself. While I was (suprisingly) upset by the news of Mr Donald's demise - the truth is that the country dodged a bullet big time. Behind his 'reasonable' public persona I saw someone who would have been 'ruthless' if ever given power. It's not the obviously evil we need to be wary of - it's the ones we think are not!

Zenskar said...

:-) Aren't you about 20 years out of date, IP? All this monetarist nonsense and chest-thumping. It's all very "Wall Street". As regards your dislike of homosexuals, the lady doth protest too much, methinks.

Psycho Milt said...

Shakespearean English has to be the least understood by modern readers. In this case, "the gentleman doth protest too much" would be more appropriate...

Anonymous said...

yeah - you really suck the sav.
keep it up and one day you'll find yourself with a black eye and fat lip down at the pub!!!

that's what happens to all pricks in the end.