Friday, November 18, 2005

Fuck You, John O'Neill!

Yes, the ultimate comeback.

Despite the bleary-eyed cranks who thought we couldn't pull it off, and with Auntie Helen competing against Nelson Mandela in the first round, we've won the hosting rights for the Cup in 2011!

I never thought that the Cup was unaffordable to New Zealand in future years--but despite the vast odds, and all the depressive cocksuckers who thought we couldn't bring it here, it's ours.

All we have to do is win the frigging thing in 2007, and keep it here in 2011.


liberty through profit said...

perhaps it 2007 might be the time to give Aus a rest from the Tri nations, and have the ABs tour here and then the Boks reciprocate, leaving the Aussies to warm up for the tournament against Japan, their new best friends.

The a-hole O'Neill and the ARB should be reminded at every opportunity that if it weren't for NZRB's beneficence, they would have been bankrupt many times over in the past.

Rob Good said...

Ah brilliant news.... Winning it in 07 would be a great bonus.