Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Comments Policy

I take a fairly liberal approach to comments on this blog. Consistent with my basic philosophy that I don’t care what others think, nor do I particularly care how others express themselves here. Readers of the comments section will often see something from a pinko commie, who, through their own volition, has decided to both read what I have written here, and be offended by it. That’s their choice.

Of all the comments this blog has received, I have only ever deleted one comment, due to the defamatory content about another right-wing blogger. Mere criticism, or opposing debate, no matter how shoddy, is not, in my view, a reason to delete a comment. I’ll even take insults directed at me, straight on the chin: generally they are so weak and pathetic that it’s less trouble to ignore them than go through the process of deleting a comment.

(As an aside, I have also deleted spam, but that is no longer a problem since I installed the word verification feature here.)

Some blogs do not have comments features. Russell Brown is notorious for this: he actively writes a tirade of socialist nonsense, yet doesn’t give his readers the opportunity to respond. That’s his choice. It’s a hypocritical choice when he then spends half his days filling up the comments sections of other right-wing bloggers. I might have thought that it would be more sensible for him to grow some testicles and install a comments feature on his blog, if he wanted to have public discussion of his stupid thinking, but again, that’s his choice.

It does perplex me, however, when a left-winger sets up a blog, makes up an inflammatory post about a right-winger, and then deletes the comment that the right-winger makes in response. Such is the case with About Town this morning.

This morning, Xavier did a post disputing the appropriateness of my blog title. It was reasonably well-written and witty. I commented along the lines of: “Don’t you commie fuckers realize that I’m not actually offended by the idea that you’ve got nothing better to do than sling shit?”

And what do you know? Xavier deleted his original post, disabling that comment. He then reposted the same article. As if my response didn't exist, which is relatively deceitful in the general scheme of debate.

But for the record: no, I’m not offended by those pinko tantrums. Nor am I surprised that the About Towners are sufficiently dishonest as to delete a post they’ve made, simply to disable a comment I’ve made in response.


DenMT said...

Ha! Come on, Prick, you deleted the borderline racist post about your reaction to Pacific Islander groups when organising your priest uncle's funeral, along with my comment on it, and a subsequent comment asking what had happened to the previous post and comment!

I wonder if you'll delete this one now, Mr Liberal Approcah to Comments? Or will you front up and answer why you deleted the post about organising your uncle's funeral...

Insolent Prick said...

What a skewed, sad little world you live in!

You've gotta try much harder than that to get under my skin, buddy. Defamation isn't one of them.

But for the sake of decency, deliberately inflammatory comments about my family members will be edited, as well as defamatory comments about others.

DenMT said...

My world is a happy one, even without a karaoke fetish!

I have never, nor would I ever post defamatory comments about a stranger's family members. What is it that you recall I said that moved you to delete my comments? I merely reacted against your attitudes towards Pacific Islanders...a 'pinko tantrum' by your definition.

It is grossly hypocritical of you to rag Xavier (whose blog I have never read) for selective comment censorship when you (by your own admission) are guilty of exactly the same fucking thing.

So either relinquish your moral high-ground, or give a credible reason for your 'dishonest' post deletion.

A tad sanctimonious, Prick. If you ask me.

Insolent Prick said...

I'm not asking you, Den.

I did not delete your comment. I removed the post--the only time I have done so--after a family member privately objected to me. I did not repost the original post. I did not delete the post because I objected to a comment made on the blog.

Xavier made a post, which I commented on. He then deleted the post in order to delete the comment, and reposted the same post, without comment.

I have only once deleted a comment, for the reason that that comment was defamatory against another blogger.

But it's typical of a filthy socialist to assume that they are responsible for another post coming down. Really, Den, it's not all about you.

The rules are quite clear in my comments section, as outlined. Make defamatory comments, and they will be pulled. Make comments about my family members--which you have made--and they will be pulled. But simply disagreeing with me is not a reason for me to edit what you say.

DenMT said...

Again Prick, I never made a comment about any of your family members - let alone a 'deliberately inflammatory' one. A filthy socialist I may be, but not one that resorts to the sort of muck-flinging insult/rrogant tirade that you seem to favour.

Fair play about bringing down the post, I didn't realise that you had managed to offend your own family - truthfully I didn't think that my pointing-out your obviously racist overtones would get through your tough old hide.

But don't implicate me in slanging your family - I don't engage in that kind of bullshit. As I asked before, what is it that I wrote that pushed your buttons? I took YOOU on for your views, not your family.

Rude Cunt. (Heh, that About Town blog WAS worth a read...)

Anonymous said...

Cathy/IP, I think they just stopped you logging in as both CO and IP - at some stage you will need to make the decision - are you a man or a woman?

And to be honesty, I can't imagine they removed you post intentionally.

Insolent Prick said...

Den: You're welcome to claim that I am racist. You would have a hard time sustaining that argument, though. My credentials within the PI communities are fairly solid, and despite being palagi, they're about as deep as they get.

Anonymous: Cathy lives and writes from Hong Kong. She has confessed to not being a morning person. When I posted this, it was five o'clock in the morning in Hong Kong. Other bloggers--such as the inimitable David Farrar, have previously claimed to know both me and Cathy personally and separately.

I would only claim to be Cathy if she avowed herself as a lesbo. Then it would be worth it. But while she persists in chasing middle-aged men, I don't see how I would benefit by being her alter-ego.

Anonymous said...

It must be nice to have such an elaborate fantasy going Cathy/IP. "Hong Kong" eh? Very convenient.

Insolent Prick said...

Ah, you've spotted me, Anon. I can tell you, it takes a high degree of creativity to post both on the joys of porking Miss New Zealand contestants after a karaoke session in Wellington, as well as wealthy-middle aged expat men in Hong Kong.

Cathy Odgers said...


You really are a simple stupid fuckwit.

Perhaps if you had a blog and made it worthwhile to read then IP and myself may both post comments to it.

You will then see with the right expertise in that area to tell, that we magically have different IP (computer) addresses and distinct server thingys.

Funny that given I live in Hong Kong and IP is from what we read - in NZ. IP is of course correct in stating the time zone differences (NZ is 5 hrs ahead) would make it completely impossible for me to be logging in.

This morning when IP posted this at 11.51am NZ time it was 6.51am in Hong Kong. At 6.51am this morning Anon I was on the can and not in a fit state to be at work let alone operate a computer.

David Fucking Copperfield I ain't.

Xavier said...

Hey IP, I deleted the post this morning because I tried to 'justify' the text in the post, rather than have it left aligned (I like nice tidy lines) and then it fucked up so I deleted the whole thing and then put it back up. Please feel free to add your comments again :) Cunt.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Xavier you funny bastard...but still..I don't think IP cares, in fact, I'm sure he would have more fun if he were to have a cunt, even better if it were mix and match

Rob Good said...

Feeling better now Cathy?

Cathy Odgers said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Insolent Prick said...

Anonymous, this is not a forum for posting personal messages to other bloggers. Any more shit like that, and I will disable the anonymous comments feature.

llew said...

Yeah! Disable the anonymous comments, too many jerks hide behind it.

They should get good old honest nom-de-plumes like the rest of us.

pink panda said...

why would xavier bother to delete the whole post when as an administrator he would have access to delete the individual comment?

you should start called yourself stupid prick....

Russell Brown said...

As I have noted elsewhere, IP, I do find it amusing being lectured on accountability by someone who lacks the courage to write under his own name.

As it happens, I've run about 10,000 words from readers in the past week. It was mostly about coffee, but it may surprise you to discover that not everyone's thing is snarling insults at people.

I'll get to the discussion forums (Vanilla looks like a good OSS package) when I can afford to have the work done and when I have time, as part of a community adjunct to Public Address. It won't look like comments sections like this one, but then, I won't want it to.

Anyway, carry on obsessing about me. I don't claim to understand it, but I wouldn't dream of stopping you.


Insolent Prick said...


I don't actually care whether you have a comments policy. I don't, as a habit, read your blog. It's tiresome drivel.

Keep your filthy obsession fantasies to yourself.