Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Sow Returns

Man-Hater extraordinnaire, and full-time cranky old moo-moo has re-enabled public access to her blog. She's also set up a list of house rules, which although I don't object to a blog owner setting her own protocol, she somewhat misses the point.

Ruthie slammed another blog-writer by selectively quoting something that the other blogger wrote, without referencing, linking, or attributing that quote to the author. She made baseless, ridiculous claims about the blogger that had no reference even to the quoted part, let alone the entire context of the offending post. And then, once she'd received a good flogging for her silliness, she shut down debate on her blog.

So welcome back, Ruth. There just aren't enough silly people in the world already. It's a delight to have you back, making a mockery of lucid thinking everywhere your head travels. I look forward to more sowisms from you.


'Thought & Humor' said...
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Cathy Odgers said...

Ruth really should get a job at the NZ Herald.

They employ writers who make up stories.

However despite being socialists most of their journos can actually write copy.

She really is a talentless moron and an insult to the name "Ruth".

I bet she posts in half the comments on her blog as well. Most of them are written in the same style - illiterate feminist man hating crap.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from a silly bitch who writes about imaginary men?

I guess she has imaginary friends as well as imaginary comments.

Chefen said...

Why is a NZ blog twittering on about first amendment rights as if it means anything to comments on a NZ blog???