Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My picks...

Been inactive lately. And I'm not giving any frigging excuses, because I don't owe excuses to ANYBODY!

Random thoughts on Aunty Helen's cabinet selections:

1. Cunliffe should take on Commerce and Economic Development from Swain. A smarmy bastard, but he's sharp and a good speaker. Will get immigration, for the same hot potato reasons. Mallard will get economic development instead.

2. David Parker shouldn't get Attorney-General, but he will. Should go to Dalziel, as should Justice. Instead she'll be handed Commerce.

3. Parker should get Local Government, Internal Affairs, and associate commerce and Justice. Instead he'll be passed the dummy of Attorney-General.

4. If I were Helen, I'd give Police to Annette King. She's just as safe as Goff, and realistically the Police minister needs to be in New Zealand for pressing domestic issues. A mistake to give it to Goff as Trade and Trade Negotiations Minister. King may also get Social Development. Goff should take on another international role--he's already been the key Defence wonk in Cabinet.

5. Health to Hodgson, no question.

6. Economic Development to Mallard.

7. Benson-Pope will get Social Development.

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