Tuesday, August 02, 2005

What about the other twenty percent?

Interesting article on Stuff about eighty percent of Kiwi women being under pressure to "look pretty". On the literal face of it, this is a good omen. Sadly, not all good omens work.

I would like to state categorically that there are far too many overweight, ugly women in New Zealand who have taken it upon themselves to eschew their God-given duty to look hot. It's hard to know who to blame for this: Germaine Greer, the Welfare State, or simple laziness. Each of these factors has a contribution to make for some of the hideousness that infects whole tracts of New Zealand society, but it is by no means the whole answer.

Yes, Germaine Greer made some silly noises forty years ago about how women had the right to be free from traditional patriarchal society, and be considered as more than just male chattels. From my perspective, that seems like a wholly irrelevant point. Yes, we have more women at senior levels of business, politics and law. But what distinguishes Helen Clark, Theresa Gattung and Silvia Cartwright is not just that they rate highly on the fugly factor, but that they haven't fulfilled their prime biological duty of spawning children. After all, children get in the way of careers. Children maternalise women. They make use of a woman's native instinct to nurture--to cook, to clean, and to be a good wife.

As a formula for the rest of society, women exclusively at the elite--as much as the feminazi brigade may try to impose on us--does not work. To get to the top, Clark, Gattung, and Cartwright have had to suppress their irrational natures and start thinking like men. They have not always been overwhelmingly successful. Hence the Prime Minister breaking down at Waitangi when a cranky Maori lady was mean to her, Telecom's CEO getting her hair done every morning with no positive effect, and the GG being a not-too-well disguised pinko commie liberal.

And the formula doesn't work because women are required for the purposes of procreation. As much as the radical feminist group attempt to lock men out of the debate, men too are a fundamental part of this process. Yes, it's nice that we have a society in which some women can deny that they have breasts that evolved for a breast-feeding function, or claim that just because a woman has a clitoris, it is the man's role to stimulate it. Both silly arguments that aren't borne out by reality.

Left-wing feminists will point to such successes in society as proof that women can do it. Yes, women can do it. Again, that's not the point. They're merely distractions from the other half of the female population that are encouraged to raise children on their own, excluding men, and using males simply as sire-beasts. I'm not particularly concerned that males get objectified by this scenario: rather it's the hard-working, middle-class, predominantly employed men who pay for the consequences of children borne into non-existent families, and create the cycles of dependency that the Left needs to push its anti-human social agenda.

If men were still in charge of social debate, then there would be no discussion whatsoever of the right of a parent to give a child a whack for misbehaviour. Instead, the policy argument is being driven by obsessed theorists who have no concept of family practice. This little nugget of a non-issue is advanced liberal sociologists who miss the point: there is a remarkable difference between a father or mother in a traditional family unit who exerts reasonable physical discipline, and the psychotic acts that those from broken family units inflict on innocent children. Children do not die from biological fathers exerting reasonable discipline. They almost invariably face serious harm from a part-time male visitor, high on drugs, who decides for no reason to beat the shit out of the kid.

So why the debate on smacking at all? Because, yes, it is a social agenda, and the women driving it have suppressed their maternal instincts in the name of that agenda to such an extent that they do not care to see reason. The fact is that it is the rise of the welfare state that encourages many women to exclude responsible men from their lives, and expose themselves to irresponsible men, who, in turn, were invariably creatures of the welfare state.

Psychologically normal women, who intend to take care of themselves and function in a normal society, and contribute to society by making use of all their biological and professional talents, are in abundance in capitalist societies. Auckland City, as a microcosm of the capitalist world, demonstrates all the virtues of successful women who understand what they can contribute to both the business world, as well as enriching their personal lives. Contrast that with small-town Masterton, where a large proportion of women under fifty are single mothers who never intend to do anything other than subsist on state support.

The southern Wairarapa is an icon of a socialist society. It is also the classic example of social discontent. It ranks highly for violent crime, teen pregnancy, poor education and health statistics, high unemployment, drug dependency, and ugly women.

Auckland City, on the other hand, is a city that encourages and thrives on success. Unemployed people cannot afford to live here. Education and health is largely pretty good. And women understand that their primary means of attracting men is to stay hot. They learn quickly that if they want a family, they need to choose a partner who can support them during key stages in their lives.

Which is why the rising trend of women's concern for their physical appearance is extremely positive. It shows that they no longer have faith in the State taking responsibility for driving them into welfare dependence. To get what they want in life, they need to go and achieve it on their own: good mind, good career, hot body.

Not that Helen Clark would agree with this argument, but if Germaine Greer had come out and proposed this model for feminist society, there would have been far less discontent from disenfranchised men.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with your observation that capitalism and hot babes go hand in hand. Stand on the corner of 57th St and Fifth Ave in NY for 10 minutes and you'll see more gorgeous women walk past than you'll see in a year on the corner of Willis St and Lampton Quay!

Cathy Odgers said...

So what?

It is complete b.s that only women feel pressure to look good. Men feel it too. Twenty years ago if you said that NZ men would be popping pills, wearing makeup and getting laser surgery treatments you would have been laughed at.

One of NZ's simplest men describes it best:

Invercargill mayor Tim Shadbolt, 58, reckoned men were struggling to accept ageing with grace.

"There's been quite a crossover. A lot of men are getting botox."

While Shadbolt preferred to "get old with dignity" he did not rule out cosmetic surgery "if my film star career takes off".

Insolent Prick said...

I suppose, if anything, my subtle point--and I like making subtle points--is that not enough chicks feel enough pressure to look good.

Cathy Odgers said...

IP the other 20% quite probably live in places you and I have not travelled to, like Otara, Wainuiomata and Bulls.

As you rightly point out there is no pressure, indeed no reason, to look hot for a man there.

Anonymous said...

Do you think that the reason there are drug and alcohol problems in places like Masterton is because the guys have to get wasted to shag the fugly beasts?
The welfare state has a lot to answer for, there is a definite subclass being spawned, and unfortuantely given the relative in breeding that occurs in "communities" like Masterton, the problem is only going to get worse.

mara said...

Spend any time in Otara folks,and the next time you visit,you will likely bring your gun.

Oswald Bastable said...

I spent the morning in Masterton and have made a few observations on the local fuglies, here:


Anonymous said...

How about those hideously fugly housewives who claimed that giving birth ruined their figure forever and they can't be bothered anymore? Couple that with smoking habit and a fugly husband who work in some useless job somewhere... brrrrr... Lower Hutt is a breeding ground for these types!

colinm said...

Ugly women in Masterton? You want to come to my small town mate. Things have been getting better though, my town is currently undergoing an economic boom of sorts (property prices doubled in two years) and the number of hot women being seen on the streets is increasing quite markedly. So, I guess you could form the conclusion that there isn't enough money to keep yourself looking hot on the dole? A side effect of the property boom is that the malcontents and gangsters can't afford to live here anymore and are moving out (moving to masterton?), now all we have to do is discourage the newly single (ugly) mothers moving in for a few years whilst waiting for hubby to get out of the local jail.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Insolent Prick said...

Anonymous, I welcome personal attacks against myself, or public figures. But if you're going to make a personal attack against another individual on my blog, at least have the courage to stick your own name to it, so that the offended target can then respond with how cretinous you are.

MikeE said...

Adds this blog to my bookmarks.

Pure class.

sally said...

IP - You made some harsh but true judgements over the state of women and grooming.

Here in Wellington we have a grouping of 'wimmin' who have been allowed, like NZs immigration policies, to grow unchecked till we are so far in the thick of it, there's nought you can do.

To get a good look at her in her natural setting, one needs to only loiter momentarily outside a Govt building. DOC, Corrections and Wimmins Affairs provide the richest pickings.

She is easily identified by being shod in mannish hiking boots in sensible shades of brown or khaki green. Please note ill-fitting, shapeless pants in drip-dry polyester, again earthy tones or black. Due to shrinkage the pants are always 5cm too short thus exposing either rugby socks or thick 'Norsewood' farming socks.
Faded, threadbare jeans bearing a label you have never heard of also cover a wide arse.

The top will be either check/tartan flannel from Farmers/Postie Plus/Wrightsons or a square cotton rugby-style sweatshirt in grey, navy, black or khaki. It will billow and flare at the waist and hips and give a boxy sillouette where there will be no possible hint of a wisp of a waist.

But it would be hard to identify where the waist and hips start due to pendulous, braless boobs sitting on her stomach. Bras are scoffed at and the boobs resemble a half-deflated rugby balls in a sock look.

This is all topped off with a nylon parker bought in 1988, preferably in black or forest green. The ones that are a bit more daring opt for a badly pilled purple fleece with cat hair all over it.

Just as we had to endlessly endure the 'Rachel' haricut from the TV series 'Friends', likewise here in Wellington we endure NZs home grown hair-do heroines. Please choose either the 'Marion' the 'Helen' or the 'Bradford'.

Vaseline on the lips and sunblock are called makeup.

Please note thick-lensed glasses and the mandatory backpack from the last PSA Conference.

The only way to stop further encouragement of this look is to not vote Labour or Greens this election.

Anonymous said...

the way to stop it, is for guys to lift their game, and IGNORE the pogs.
TO ALL MALES OUT THERE: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES talk to them, let alone fuck them. If you need to communicate with a pog, it should be done via a hottie.
Following this advice will make your workday a much more pleasant one