Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Confession Time

Folks, I didn't think I would be able to contain myself for much longer. So now, I must make a confession before some other keen blogger reports the truth.

I confess that I have, at various times, given advice to Labour Party ministers on policy and strategic issues. I have corresponded by email with those Ministers. I have made asides that could be construed as suggesting that I would personally benefit from the implementation of that advice.

I admit, further, that I am staunchly right-wing, and that some Ministers have taken my advice into account and implemented those policies.

Before the scandal erupts, I should state categorically that some of the advice I provided was of a controversial nature to certain fringe political groupings. In the main, however, the advice that I gave was mainstream and broadly accepted by mainstream New Zealanders. Given my relationship with other parts of the Labour Party--one of intense acrimony--the fact that some Ministers have considered my advice is a sign of an obvious and fundamental rift within the Labour Party.

I may well be accused of having the Labour Party in my back pocket. The Labour Party may try to play down this outrageous scandal, but my conscience does not allow me to suppress it any further.


Paul said...

A flogging will be administered. But before that, you get to minister poor Paul over at Jordan's who has completly lost the plot over race based preference. I've given up.

Paul said...

But maybe I have a confession too.

I sent Helen Clark an email once advising her against the virtues of "being union".

Can I leak that? Will the media dine out on it day-after-day?

She ingnored it of course and became Mrs Peter Davis because he turns her eyes zombie-like (Paul Homes' words, not her's, OK not Homes' words probably more likely mine).

Oh well, I'm off to micro-wave some left over tea, I'm tight with my money, just not with everyone elses'.

Anonymous said...

But did you give them any money, along with your freely given advice? Surely that's the key point.

Paul said...

God no, I'm not completely insane! Tax aside of course.

ZenTiger said...

Oh, another anonymous source. Like whatever you say is credible. If you don't even know who you are, how can we put you down to anything but a stooge from the left?

I've paid heaps of money to the Labour government. Its called tax. I also gave them some advice on what they could do with it. They are not going to leak that though, are they.

Like I haven't also given blood before.

Anonymous said...

well IP, you are an interesting character. You are well educated and well read Kiwi of Welsh and presumably Maori extraction (I'm deducing this from your post about being a decendant of one of the signatories of the treaty, and playing a numbers game, it is more likely that, than being decended of one of the crowns signatories). You work in an advisory industry, which consulted to government. I don't take you to be a policy wonk, as they usually aren't that well paid. Have you ever worked for a tobacco company in either NZ or Aus?
As for my own confession of advice to Labour party candidates, it extended to "go fuck yourself" while I walked away from the twat.

Insolent Prick said...

No, Anonymous. I am not Carrick Graham.

Anonymous said...

which university did you gain your qualification from?

Insolent Prick said...

No further correspondence will be entered into, with respect to the identity of IP, lest it result in pinko commie liberals firebombing his house, and hoardes of hot, slutty, right-wing chicks queuing up for a shag outside his office.