Thursday, December 15, 2005

On Blogging Bitchfights...

Can there be anything quite as inane in the blogosphere, than two individuals from separate multi-contributor blogs, who engage in a war, and actually mean it?

Normally I side with the good folk at The Whig. After all, they're good people... Blair is an erudite figure of insolence, who deserves to live the good life. All he needs is for one of us to sit him down and teach him how to make money, and he can deserve all the fruits of success that his attitude affords him.

The Aboutowners have few redeeming features. They are, in total, a group of smarmy, snarky, limp-wristed pinkos with some particularly dire views on the world. Which is why they will have lives of failure, lest they smarten up sometime soon.

And as much as I dislike admitting it, most of the Aboutowners play fair. Xavier had a go at me recently, in what was a light-hearted and spirited dig. Didn't think it was his best work, but it was not vindictive and nasty.

Tristan is a whole different species. Again, admittedly, his standard of behaviour is not confined to the Left. There are some equally psychotic types throughout the spectrum. One particular female blogger has been recently subjected to behaviour that is no less than that of a deeply disturbed and pathetic mind.

The Aboutowners have distanced themselves from Tristan's behaviour, effectively by saying that they are not going to buy into Tristan's silly little games with Graham over at The Whig. Graham, that behaviour is beneath you. Make the most of having a hot new chick writing for you--that alone is sufficient to drive traffic to The Whig. And forget about Tristan. The little shit isn't worth the waste of ammunition.


Anonymous said...

IP, are you OK? Seem a little flat...

-The Ex.

sagenz said...

chris harrington on kea blog
jordan on the latest poll
about town on chesswas
millsy on anything
peter quixote....

the list just goes on and on.

gpjwatson said...

Yes Prick,

Was beneath me and a waste of time but an interesting conceptual art project nevertheless. It couldn't have happenned to someone more deserving.

Anonymous said...

Cathy - any self-respecting dude would NEVER describe Suzanne Wright at hot!!! She's average-looking at best.

Ed said...

I thought Tristan was stabbing himself in the head with a pencil.

phil said...

She's hot!

yours truly
S-R Dude

Anonymous said...

Conceptual art? You're having a laugh, aren't you?

And IP is flat because his Mum wants her house to herself over the holidays.

Insolent Prick said...


Just because you have moderated comments on your blog, on account of the general flogging you have received recently for your self-inflicted "poor me! I'm so fucked up", is no reason to fill my comments with your mindless spam.

Xavier said...

"They are, in total, a group of smarmy, snarky, limp-wristed pinkos with some particularly dire views on the world. Which is why they will have lives of failure, lest they smarten up sometime soon."

I'm sorry that you feel that way, IP. I've never failed anything in my life, and I never will.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you (or "one particular female blogger") should curtail your tendency to publish sleazy & defamatory posts in future.

Theprophet said...

Xaiver - If you never fail you'll never learn much. Oh yeah About town.

Allah protect us.

Xavier said...

Prophet, it's 'Xavier', with the 'i' after the 'v'. Thanks for that.

Secondly, About Town is not a failed blog. Well, certainly not in comparison to 'beepbeep123', I suppose.

The line that "you'll never learn if you never fail" was invented by the mediocre to justify mediocrity. As a result, it's not surprising that you ascribe to that particular philosophy.

gpjwatson said...

It is an unblog, with next to no one linking to it anymore, now that you have gone Xavier.

Xavier said...

Hmm. That's not what Statcounter tells me. Call me a geek, but I prefer statistics to anecdotes, Graham.

Cactus Kate said...


Defamatory?? So sue us. The only people we seem to be defaming are ourselves and we can defend it as truth. The blogs are all about us. Not you.

Where have prick or myself ever defamed anyone?

Go back and repeat legal system.

Open entry has obviously got alot to answer for.

Theprophet said...

Hey Xaiver - How did you learn to walk. Ever fall over?.How did you learn to wipe your arse.Ever have any little accidents?.

All of life is about making mistakes and failing.

The fact that you don't know that probaly means you are destined to fail spectacularly.

Good luck.

Allah protect us.

Xavier said...

Thanks for that little gem, Profit. Where did you get it? Off the side of a Weetbix Packet while you were eating breakfast, ready to begin another day in your mediocre and inconsequential life?

Anonymous said...

Like yours xavier?


Xavier said...

Wow! Great comeback EXOCET! I bet it required all three neurons to come up with that one.

liberty through profit said...

are you scared of failing Xavier?
Might explain a lot about the lefties ideologies.

Theprophet said...

'mediocre and inconsequential life?'

Now I know you're just a boy.

Allah protect us.

Xavier said...

LTP: I'm hardly a lefty

Profit: WTF?

Theprophet said...

Well Xaiver - When you did a runner at the first sign of trouble from your mates(?) at AT I thought 'OK just a bit of a fair weather friend.'.Then you start telling me that my life is 'mediocre and inconsequential'.This shows me that you are really just an immature boy that doesn't know that nobodys life is 'mediocre and inconsequential'.Its called the arrogance of youth Xaiver and you have it in spades.One day when you grow up you may realise what I'm talking about.Until then I'm sure we will just get more examples of your purulent wit.

Allah protect us

Xavier said...

Profit: It looks like English, but all I read is blah blah blah.

Firstly: I deleted myself from About Town 3 days before the "War" between Tristan and Graham. Said war simply confirmed that I didn't want to be involved with the blog anymore. If you think that About Town was the extent of my friendship with Tristan, you are sadly mistaken. I lived with him for two years and we are friends, irrespective of whether or not we write for the same website.

Secondly: You are simply using the same feel good lines about 'everybody's special and unique and wonderful and has great potential' to justify the meaningless of your own existence. If you feel the need to boost your self esteem with such warm fuzzies, why don't you do it on your own 'blog'?

Arrogance of youth? Maybe. Irrelevance of the aged? Definitely.

Insolent Prick said...

Fuck you, Xavier.

I write a post about how blogging bitch-fights are anal and tedious, and you engage in a bitch-fight in my comments section about the very subject.

Prophet--stick your comments in an email to Xavier. Xavier: do likewise.

This blog is about ME. Stop making it about yourselves. Fuckers!

Theprophet said...

Prick - get over it.
It is about you . We're doing it on your blog.

Xaiver - as prick said.Fuck you.

Allah protect us.

sagenz said...

me! me! me! IP. everybody else is fucking. why dont you get in the christmas spirit and give a bit yourself. that way you wont be as flat as your ex suggests :)

Graham Watson said...

Snapped out badly Xavier. Why the duplicity?

You commented that you had edited yourself from about town in this string of comments,'' which was the string related to Tristan's post saying war had commenced but nothing had happened yet.

You have now tried to reinvent history by suggesting you did so 3 days before the war, yet your comment makes it abundantly clear you have removed yourself because of it.

I had thought better of you Xavier than coarse duplicity, remember, we can't all be fooled.

Xavier said...

Duplicitous Graham? That's a bit like the pot calling the kettle #000000. I had deleted myself from the blog three days prior to the petty little 'war' that you and Tristan, being 3 year olds trapped in mature men's bodies, had 'declared' on each other. Your 'war' was the catalyst, not to delete myself from the blog, but rather to tell Tristan that I had without feeling guilty about it. He is my friend and I have had a great time at About Town. I had felt a bit disillusioned with the project for a while, however, and had tried to quit quietly. Nonetheless, when you two acted like I did twenty years ago, I felt it was appropriate to let him know, and know why.

Snapped? Who are you? Rodney Hide? Keep trying, Graham.

Graham Watson said...


you say "Your 'war' was the catalyst, not to delete myself from the blog, but rather to tell Tristan that I had without feeling guilty about it."

Fair enough, I see you were in fact not being duplicitous to readers of this blog in your initial comment above, just your good friend and flatmate Tristan. Lol.

Xavier said...

*sigh* Whatever. Sure, Graham. Yeah.