Thursday, September 08, 2005

In Unrelated News...

News reports that National's Wellington Central campaign manager, David Farrar, was seen running after the mysterious, hoody-clad Custard Pie thrower in Wellington Tuesday night, have only revealed half of the story. In an exclusive interview with Mr Farrar following the dramatic chase, Insolent Prick can report the following.

IP: "Mr Farrar, can you confirm suggestions that the chase indicates your Party's intention to reintroduce vigilante-style citizens' arrests into New Zealand criminal law?"

DPF: "No comment."

IP: “What did you intend to do with the assailant, once you had caught up with him?”

DPF: “No comment.”

IP: “Can you confirm that you did actually catch up with the perpetrator of this heinous crime, and that you beat the shit out of him?”

DPF: “No comment.”

IP: “Mr Farrar, what are you eating?”

DPF: “No comment.”

IP: “Mr Farrar, can you confirm eyewitness reports, as I speak, that you are presently eating the OTHER CUSTARD PIE that the assailant was seen carrying as you sprinted after him through Wellington’s streets?”

DPF: “No comment.”

So that’s it, folks. The political scoop of the century.

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Ray said...

DPF not comment.
This the man who comments on everything but everything

Nice catch IP