Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Another Dishonest Snout at The Trough

Nice to see that another liberal pinko commie academic, who claims to be "neutral", is showing his true colours.

Liberals consistently claim that the Treaty was a "partnership". That is a nonsense, fabricated by white liberal academics who wanted to offload their guilt complexes on the taxpayer, and an elite few Maori who have used the expression to bleed as much as they can get from the public purse.

The Treaty was not a Partnership. It was an act of cession of sovereignty. It was an easy means for the British to gain sovereignty over New Zealand. It was also a means to guarantee to Maori the same rights and privileges of citizenship as British subjects.

But that's all it was. Moves over the past thirty years to give extra rights and privileges to Maori over non-Maori are not consistent with the Treaty that guarantees equal rights to all. It is consistent with the liberal agenda that Johansson pushes, but that's it.

Johansson is a fake. If he's going to step into the political debate, masquerading as a commentator, then he should make his own prejudices clear. And he should prepare to face the same heat as any other political activist who has the honesty and integrity to paint their own colours clear.


darren said...

A mate of mine sometimes appears on breakfast tv to talk IT issues.
I am sure he said he gets paid for each appearance, though probably not a fortune.
It makes me wonder how much Johannsen and assorted lefties get paid- out of the public purse.
Obviously, the likes of Willie Jackson and Chris Trotter are good value as they are amusing, incisive, insightful, etc. They do not hide their left-wing prejudices yet follow an independent line of thought rather than a party line.
This matter also came to mind this morning when I saw breakfast tv hosting those two wonderful 'independent' media commentators, the Labour lapdog Russell Brown and fellow Lab-rador Kerry Woodham.

Cathy Odgers said...

Ms Woodham a media commentator? My fucking god has the sky just fallen in.

The thing with Ms Woodham is that she has stopped drinking and grown up apparently.

I liked her more when she was a loose unit pisshead.

She made more sense then.

Insolent Prick said...

Johansson is on the public payroll as long as he's employed by a state-funded university to spout his liberal propaganda.