Monday, July 25, 2005

Bring It On, You Bolshevist Cocksuckers!

Ah, now we have an election date. September 17. Woo-hoo.

Watch the pinkos squirm as they say goodbye to the government benches for at least another nine years. View Labour cannibalise itself as it seeks to attribute blame for the last six years of graft and back-handers to every minority, fringe group it could fine. See Helen weep as she departs Premier House. Witness Trevor Mallard sour-talk his way out of office. Hail the Socialists' demise!

Yes, folks. It's only two years ago that the commentators were forecasting that National would spend another half-decade in opposition.

Now it's Labour's turn to face electoral wrath. And those subversive, anti-capitalist, anti-success shit-heads deserve it.

In just seven weeks' time, election day will be upon us. Before you go into the polling booth, ask yourself this simple question. "What has a Labour Government ever done for ME?"

And unless you're part of the Maori elite, a long-term welfare beneficiary, a trade unionist, a fringe artist, or one of the small coterie of Auntie Helen's special friends, it's pretty certain what the answer will be.

What is most telling in the Prime Minister's statement is that while she talks about spending more money--in the "basics of health, education, and services for older citizens and families, infrastructure, and law and order...", she doesn't once mention taxpayers, or those who have contributed to New Zealand's economic success. Instead, she claims that the election will be about "leadership, credibility, and values".

Fact is, Labour has not created any extra value in health, education, for families, infrastructure, or law and order. Health services are no better than they were six years ago. Education has been a hulking black hole into which money has been poured, with reduced standards in fundamental areas, and no standards in otheres. Older citizens and families have not received any benefits--unless they're social welfare beneficiaries, in which case Labour has encouraged them to remain dependent on the State. Infrastructure has gone backwards: government-owned energy assets have been hampered by resource management restrictions, and roading projects are facing massive delays while regulatory bodies continue to put minority interests ahead of national economic interest. And LAW AND ORDER? I BEG YOUR PARDON?

Bring it on, Auntie Helen. Your government shows no leadership whatsoever. Whenever you advance a policy issue that flies against public opinion, you run for cover.

Your Cabinet has no credibility: at a time when the economy can afford tax relief for those who have created our economic prosperity, you kick them in the teeth, claiming that there is no money left after you have flooded low-quality government spending with money that doesn't belong to you.

And VALUES? Well, that's just a mish-mash word trying to excuse the fact that you have no policy.


Anonymous said...

Your rant is a thing of beauty Prick.


Anonymous said...

the funny thing about the cocksuckers is thatthey all have cocks themselves

Anonymous said...

perhaps rugmunchers might be more appropriate