Thursday, March 15, 2007

One Standard For All Socialists

CYFSWATCH got shut down because some commenters made threats of violence against Green MP Sue Bradford. Bradford shrieked to the Police, claiming that she feared for her personal safety.

Yet over at that paragon of pinko sensibility, Millsy gets his own back. Claiming that the National Party wants to preserve the right to beat people, he ranges across threats of physical violence, racism, and religious hatred:


The National party are a bunch of violent fuckheads who dont care about a kids right to be free of violence. I think they get off on beating their kids, nothing like bashing a child with an iron bar for spilling the milk to make you feel better. Taito Philip Field is a typical child beating coconut ape who, with his race need to go back up the trees where they belong, and, we need to push violence out of this country RIGHT NOW!

HITTING CHILDREN IS WRONG, and the sooner these coconuts, white trash bogans, scruffy Old-Testamenters and white-middle-class-closet-nazis realise this, the better.

Its time we moved into the 21st Century folks. A new order, where violence is frowned upon.
Posted by millsy : 3/14/2007 10:30:00

But Millsy isn't finished, even after a telling-off from Idiot Savant:

"That fucking Garth George is a fucking wanker, wanting to protect parents who bash their children. I hope one day that someone bashes hime like he bashes his kids. Teach that intolerant bigot a good fucking lesson. People like him need a good thrashing. And that bitch who used the horse whip on her son, thinks she can use violence to coerce her children with the threat of the stick. It probably turns her on, giving her kids a beating.

"New Zealand disgusts me. We seem to be addicted to violence in the home, beating children on a whim.

"Posted by millsy : 3/15/2007 08:54:00 AM "

Long Live Joseph Stalin.


Anonymous said...

Violence will only end when we get ready of the looney left in this country.

He posts against violence while saying he wants to use violence against those that disagree with him.

Typical of the left.

ZenTiger said...

Violence = discipline.

Well, it would, to the left.

Spirit Of 76 said...

And to think, some pinko once described the comments of some right wingers [yes IP, you were mentioned] as a 'catalogue of nastiness' !