Thursday, February 01, 2007

Dear Jeanette Fitzsimons...

Dear Jeanette Fitzsimons:

I have yet to see anything in the eleven years in which you have been in Parliament, which demonstrates in even the remotest sense, your contribution to New Zealand. I estimate that in real terms, you have earned over $3 million in your private salary, personal allowances, and superannuation (not to mention your very dodgy schemes--such as your Christchurch office which is owned by the Green Party and chartges rent to Parliamentary Services, which you in return use to fund your Green Party election campaigns)--with no net return to the country.

However, now is your chance to have a lucky break. Yes, Jeanette: I realise that you will soon also be entitled to receive National Superannuation, so I give you one lasting legacy to New Zealand.

Put a stop to this stupid bloody food miles junket. I've already heard far too many bloody pseudo-greenies, who are no less socialist than your very red self, proclaim the hazards of "food miles". As even your co-leader accepts, the food miles argument is a complete bloody crock.

So here is your solution. Go on a junket to Britain--if you accompany Judith Tizard you should be able to save on a companion fare--and tell those silly buggers in Britain off. Produce a new standard for food miles. Be the first person, internationally, to come up with an international measure, which actually presents the carbon footprint as it is. Make sure it favours New Zealand for once, rather than Europe.

Hell, we all know that the food miles theory was invented by European trade protectionists anyway, and cottoned onto by your ignorant pinko-greenie ideologues because they've become bored with protesting about other stuff. So go set the record straight. If they're going to be making food miles the new fad, give them some proper bloody information and some standards that favour us. Like, for example, how New Zealand lamb actually consumes less carbon than British lamb.

There's a good lass.

Kind regards,

Insolent Prick

P.S. I note you still get extra resources from the Labour Government in return for propping up those disgusting pinko liberals. Do you think you could please use your influence to see if the repulsive socialists have repaid the money they stole to buy South Island votes, and indeed the election last year?


bar said...

global warming, food miles, BAH!

Anonymous said...

It's called LCA (Life Cycle Analysis).

peterquixote said...

yous don't supposed to say bad things about Jeanette because she just doing her best with no brain and them possums skeletons and things in the cupboard, how could you be so cruel to Jeanette dude,

Anonymous said...


How about a piece detailing the "achievements" of that idiot Locke

Big Bruv

Anonymous said...

Get over yourselves already--New Zealand has! You wignuts are in no position to criticise Labour over election spending when Dandy Don gleefully accepted over $1 million in secret help from the Exclusive Brethren or the millions of dollars in other secret direct and indirect money spent on National's campaign. You all must be feeling sad and bitter since we ordinary voters rejected you, but, really, it's time to move on.

Insolent Prick said...


Clearly you are a Labour Party member, or perhaps even a member of Labour's governing council. Only you could equate illegal use of taxpayers' money, and a failure to repay the money Labour stole to buy itself an election, with lawful, legitimate activity that even Labour has done for many years, had the option to make unlawful, but chose not to.

Labour won the election on the votes of 16,000 people. Labour also used over $800,000 of public money it wasn't entitled to. National used private money it was entitled to. So, by the way, did Labour.

Roll on the next election so we can get rid of you corrupt, thieving, lying bastards.

dee said...

Jeanette, you old stoner, how much of taxpayer's money have you used to buy dope?

We New Zealand citizens pay you to do a job and frying your brains prohibits you from doing your job properly.

You know, at least Sue Bradford is still reasonably young and actually comes up with legislation that she thinks it is appropriate to implement into law.

An old stoner like jeanette is useless in Parliament and was only a puppet used by Labour in the last election. Now that the tides are changing, so to speak, and more people are becoming more eager to vote for national, jeanette should give up and settle for a slightly early retirement. She's had a sweet ride, quit while you're high babe.